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This blog presents my different wargames armies, after action reports, campaigns which I have run, some scenarios and a presentation of some of the different rules I play. The pages at the top of the blog contain historical information on the periods that interest me. They are an aid to my poor memory, and not in any way exhaustive nor necessarily correct. As I am an Englishman living in France, some pages are in English and others in French...sorry, I am too lazy to translate...

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jeudi 16 août 2012

Hurrians (1800-1550)

My Hurrian army for DSC principally represents a semi-nomadic tribe such as the Turukkeans, during the 18th century BC, but also any one of the petty kingdoms of the Habur triangle that the kings of Šubat-Enlil or Mari periodically fought and subdued. It is generic enough to represent other non-Hurrian peoples on the fringe of the Akkadian and Amorite kingdoms and periodically troubling them or dominating them, such as the Lullubi, the Guti or the Kassites.
Military sources are few and far between, so I have based my army on representation (and figures) for the Guti and on various official army lists which may or may not be historically accurate.

The bow- and axe-armed bodyguard are mentioned in sources relative to the Guti; the Hurrians may or may not have possessed such troops; I have included them as they are possible, and do offer something a little different on the battlefield.

The javelineers fight as a horde and are rated as impetuous on the basis of (generally poetical) descriptions of such peoples in cuneiform texts, in particular in the literary genre known as Lamentations. The pihrum citadin represents more sedentary elements of the population, dressed as and fighting in the fashion of their Amorite and Syrian neighbours.


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