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This blog presents my different wargames armies, after action reports, campaigns which I have run, some scenarios and a presentation of some of the different rules I play. The pages at the top of the blog contain historical information on the periods that interest me. They are an aid to my poor memory, and not in any way exhaustive nor necessarily correct. As I am an Englishman living in France, some pages are in English and others in French...sorry, I am too lazy to translate...

I hope this blog offers you much enjoyment and some inspiration !

dimanche 19 août 2012

Sicilian Carthaginian (280-241)

Phoenician heavy cavalry, drawn from Carthage's nobility :

The Carthaginians relied on their Libyan subjects to provide them with a core of heavy infantry. It is not known if they fought as spearmen or as a pike-armed phalanx; I have chosen the former option.

Carthage exercised loose control over the neighbouring tribes of Numidian Berbers. They provided excellent light horse, famous throughout the Ancient World.

Numidian troops could also serve as javelin-armed foot skirmishers, role which they fulfilled with notable skill.

Up until their military occupation of Spain in -237, Carthage drew heavily on mercenaries. Among them were these scutarii, who fought with a throwing spear, and a short sword that the Roman legionaries copied.

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