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This blog presents my different wargames armies, after action reports, campaigns which I have run, some scenarios and a presentation of some of the different rules I play. The pages at the top of the blog contain historical information on the periods that interest me. They are an aid to my poor memory, and not in any way exhaustive nor necessarily correct. As I am an Englishman living in France, some pages are in English and others in French...sorry, I am too lazy to translate...

I hope this blog offers you much enjoyment and some inspiration !

jeudi 9 novembre 2017


8 Kavallarioi, soit 2 pts de Gardes pour mon armée Byzantine.  Il leur incombera de contenir la charge des chevaliers normands !

Pour finir les 6 pts, il ne me reste plus que 4 archers pour compléter 1 pt de Guerriers, et le Big Boss.  J'attaque dès ce weekend !

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