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This blog presents my different wargames armies, after action reports, campaigns which I have run, some scenarios and a presentation of some of the different rules I play. The pages at the top of the blog contain historical information on the periods that interest me. They are an aid to my poor memory, and not in any way exhaustive nor necessarily correct. As I am an Englishman living in France, some pages are in English and others in French...sorry, I am too lazy to translate...

I hope this blog offers you much enjoyment and some inspiration !

dimanche 17 février 2019

The Sinkiang War - The Karghilik Uprising

Here are some photos from a game of Setting the East Ablaze.  Set in my fictitious "Sinkiang War", we played out the third act of the "Karghilik Uprising".  The fate of the town hung in the balance, right up to the very last turn, but in the end troops loyal to Yang Zengxin, the Kashgar Warlord, won the day and crushed the rebel forces nostalgic for bygone Imperial days.

Des photos d'une partie de StEA.  C'est le troisième acte du "Soulèvement de Karghilik", que nous avons mis en scène lors de la Convention des Dragons de 2017.  Jusqu'à la dernière minute l'incertitude pesait sur l'issu des combats, mais les troupes loyalistes à Yang Zengxin ont fini par réprimer la révolte.

Les faubourgs de Karghilik.  Les rebelles approchent de l'est / Outskirts of Karghilik with rebel forces approaching from the east

Les premières maisons sont investies.  En arrière-plan les deux cibles des révoltés : l'église et la légation japonaise / Rebel troops take the first houses.  In the background loom their targets : the Church and the Japanese Legation

Loyaux (du moins bien payés) par le régime en place, ces bandits ont soutenu la cause de Yeng Zengxin avec vigueur / Loyal to Yang Zengxin (or at least, healthily paid by him), these Chinese bandits upheld the government's cause

L'église est néanmoins menacé par un début d'incendie, sa garnison russe tuée par un obus / Flames have nonetheless begun to lick at the Church; the garrison of Russian sailors lays dead, killed by a direct artillery hit

Les bandits sauvent les défenseurs in extremis / The cavalry (well, the infantry) arrived in the nick of time

jeudi 14 février 2019

Saga is Fantastic

Sous l'égide de Fred, j'ai eu la chance de tester le futur univers Fantastique de Saga.

Mon adversaire, Pierre, a joué les Peuples de la Forêt (magnifiques figurines Mierce), et en face j'ai déployé, en tant que Royaumes, mes Byzantins agrémentés de loups géants, d'un griffon et d'un ange.

J'ai oublié de prendre des photos pendant les combats, nous avons donc fait une remise en scène.

L'univers est passionnant; il apporte des règles supplémentaires - dont la magie, qui est très bien vu, des créatures, des monstres.  Les plateaux de combat et les "listes" d'armée sont volontairement génériques, ce qui permet de jouer avec sa collection de figurines existantes...en attendant bien sûr d'en peindre d'autres  : )

J'ai de vastes armées mythologiques pour Battlelore Mythologie, mon adaptation personnelle pour la célèbre règle Battlelore.  Elles sont soclées par unité, mais franchement je pense que je pourrai les utiliser aussi pour Saga Fantastique sans toucher au soclage, en utilisant des marqueurs pour figurer les pertes.

mardi 12 février 2019

White Russian Command

General Annenkov, a historical figure ruling over a White Russian enclave in my fictitious War of Sinkiang, was a Siberian Cossack ataman.

Hence the banner : it is inspired by the green on red of the Siberian Cossacks, with a central design of my own making.

The officer - a Captain or a Colonel - is wearing cavalry breeches, as that is the cool thing to swagger around in when in Urumchi.  He has never seen a horse in his life !  But in the Back of Beyond, anything goes...

dimanche 3 février 2019

To Infinity and Beyond

The photos on this post, which dates from about a week ago, appearing vaguely fuzzy, I've taken some new ones.
I painted a few Infinity figures last year, then put the project aside so as to finish my various Saga warbands.  Now that is done, I'm painting Sci Fi again.  I usually paint by layering, but for these guys, I'm trying to use more subtle blending techniques : for the moment, two brush blending and some glazing.  I've tried wet blending but can't get the hang of it yet.

Anyway, enough blather, here is what I've managed to paint so far.  They are in the order I painted them, so hopefully you can see progress as you scroll down the page !

First attempt : a Bakunin Moderator.

Second attempt : a Riot Grrlz.  One of my favourites, I've always liked painting red.  The battle scars are way too chunky.  I painted them as I would shield damage, whereas I should have used just lines of really thin paint.  Live and learn.  Still I think she kicks ass.

Number 3 : a Morlock.  I'm really pleased the way the legs came out, the armour less so.

Number 4 : herein begins my run of Nuns from Space, with a Reverend Custodier.  I got a bit dismayed when working on the back of her cloak and ending up using layering to finish it off.  The front view is better though.

Number 5 : another Reverend Custodier.  This was my first attempt at two-brush blending, and I rather foolishly chose white to try it.  Not the best of the bunch.  The blending on the back of the figure is a lot better but hasn't been pushed up enough.

Number 6 : a Pilot (from the Hasslefree range).  I'm particularly chuffed with the helmet and the gun, both of which I painted using NMM-style techniques, plus some satin varnish.  And those battle scars look better, don't they ; )

Number 7 : a Reverend Healer.  I had a go at blending green into blue, which could have been done better, but didn't go so bad.  I'm pretty happy the way the armour plates came out.

Number 8 : another Reverend Custodier (aaah, Nuns from Space…).  Things are starting to pull together.

That is all for now.  Having gotten a fair bit of practice with all these, I've been watching some You Tube videos to get better at it.  I highly recommend
-  the "Hobby Cheating" channel (excellent technical information on blending, especially in video number 107, the best overall summary I've seen on blending)
-  the "Miniac" channels (less technical, but very cool painting style and Scott is really funny)
-  Uncle Atom on Tabletop Minions, less for the painting tips than for his "wargames philosophy", which is both food for thought and soothing balm for painter angst !

I'm working at the mo' on an Infinity Sin Eater.  So far, so good !  I'll post him here when he is finished.

Last up, this is just a quick photo of my photo set-up; not so much for you, as to remind me what I actually need to do.  That said if you have any tips, they are welcome.

Using a tip I got from watching Scott on Miniac, the two cork tiles stop any light from the lamps hitting the black background.  This creates what he calls "infinite black", although mine is not quite infinite yet (can you be "not quite infinite ?").  I probably need to raise the figure off the ground somehow but don't know how to do that yet.  The paint pots just keep the cork tiles from tipping over, obviously square ones (or any other square of opaque material) would be better.

I place the figure and move it back just until a shadow from the cork tile falls on it, then bring it a couple of mm forward.  The camera is set to -2/3 exposure and 6000K white temperature.  I bring it to within 10-15cm of the figure, with no zoom.  I use Gimp to check the white balance and the "black spot" but it seems to be ok as nothing changes.

samedi 2 février 2019


Je crois que je deviens dingue.

Insatisfait des photos de mon dernier post "Infinity", j'en ai repris ce soir.  J'ai ouvert la photo avec Gimp, pas trop mauvais, en tout cas, les contours sont nets.

Je charge la photo sur mon blog.  Ca va pas, c'est vaguement flou à nouveau.

J'ai une soudaine inspiration : je compare côte à côte la photo dans Gimp avec la photo sur le blog, et ce n'est pas la même chose !

J'ai donc tenté ceci. A gauche, une photo chargé directement sur ce blog. A droite, un lien vers la même photo hébergé sur un site internet tiers.

C'est moi, ou la photo à droite est plus nette ?

En voici une autre, ou la différence me semble plus flagrant :

Dans les deux cas, si la photo est identique lorsqu'on clique dessus, sur le post lui-même, il y a une nette différence.  Ou bien c'est moi qui hallucine ????