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jeudi 11 octobre 2018

Byzantine (1100-1204)

Here is my 8pt+ Byzantine army for Saga.  Like its predecessor, it can fight my Normans and my Arabs, but also my Crusaders.  By the time of the Fourth Crusade (1204), the Byzantine army was heavily influenced by Western armour and tactics, and the infantry were increasingly using kite-shields.  More archaic armour was, however, still sported so if I play this army in the beginning of the 13th century, I imagine it as a provincial force from a peripheral region.

You might recognise these figures, as they snuck their way into the Saga Age of Crusades book.  The following three photos are thus courtesy of Fred Machu / Studio Tomahawk :

Enough shameless plugging, on to the army !

The Warlord (Hero, 0 pts)

Accompanied by Varangian guards sent by the Emperor himself, the Strategos is ready to wage war on his eternal enemies…

Gripping Beast

Kavallarioi (3pts, Hearthguard)

Byzantine kavallarioi still fought in mixed formations in this period, but horse-archers dwindled as Western-style cavalry charges were adopted.  In any case, the army list only allows lance-armed mounted hearthguard (except for the Athanatoi option).

Gripping Beast

Turkish Horse Archers (Warriors, 1pt)

The Byzantines always relied heavily on mercenaries, especially during this period.  It thus seems fitting to portray their Warriors in this fashion.

Gripping Beast

Skutatoi (Levy, 2 pts)

Byzantine infantry still deployed in mixed formations, but they had ceased to be the backbone of the army.  I admit I was initially disappointed that infantry in this army must all be levies, but I have grown to like the idea.

Gripping Beast

Slav Javelineers (Levy, 1 pt)

These troops are no doubt drawn from subject tribes in the Balkan régions.  I can also play them as an 8-man unit of Mercenary Scouts (Eclaireurs).

Gripping Beast

Western Knights (Warriors - Mercenaries, 1 pt)

The Byzantines were past masters in playing off their enemies against each other.  The exact figures I would use depend on the period being played.

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  1. Très jolie peinture!
    Je ne joue pas à Saga mais force est de constater que ça claque

    1. Merci beaucoup ! J'ai découvert le jeu sur le tard, avec la v2, j'apprécie beaucoup.